About the William Faulkner Society

The primary purpose of The William Faulkner Society is to foster and support the study and discussion of the life and works of William Faulkner. The WFS is not affiliated with an institution of higher learning but rather is an independent entity that seeks to promote Faulkner’s legacy across multiple spheres internationally.

One important sphere of promotion is that of scholarship. Each year the WFS organizes panels for the Modern Language Association Convention and the American Literature Association Conference. The WFS also posts Faulkner-related panels and conferences taking place around the world. The John W. Hunt Scholarship supports travel to the annual Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference in Oxford, Mississippi, William Faulkner’s home. The WFS is currently exploring more ways to support scholars and foster scholarly conversation.

The WFS believes in the importance of students learning about Faulkner on all levels, and so another important sphere is that of high school, middle-school, and college-level teachers. Membership in the WFS currently includes automatic addition to the email list of Teaching Faulkner, a periodical dedicated to providing useful ideas and materials for teachers. The WFS welcomes ideas from members about additional resources for teachers of whatever level.

Equally important to the WFS is the large number of Faulkner fans and enthusiasts. Faulkner’s powerful prose and unforgettable narratives continue to touch readers, and the WFS seeks to be a meeting place for people who simply are moved by his writing. The WFS has a Facebook page and recently created a Twitter account. Also, the WFS’s newsletter will offer up all things Faulkner. This is just the beginning, as the WFS is working to provide more and more opportunities for people interested in and inspired by Faulkner.